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#Managed WordPress

We build & maintain custom solutions for Makers & Agencies.

We are building success stories with both clients and other agencies through a custom white label dashboard on top of dedicated resources & support.

White label solution

A custom dashboard to match your agency's branding and your own custom starter templates, packages & services.

Client and websites management

Create, edit and update all your client data, billing and websites from one centralized dashboard.

Visual collaboration

Let clients drop comments on your creative work by pointing and clicking & start delivering your best work faster.

Dedicated resources & support

Dedicated VPS resources and support ensures a seamless experience for agency teams.

Clients & Websites #Management

Client and websites management
from a single dashboard

Centralized management

Access all your client websites from one centralized dashboard. No more wasting time logging in and out of different accounts. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Custom packages and services

Create and sell custom packages containing themes, plugins, custom post types and even hosting space. Set up a monthly, yearly or per service payment options.

Automated billing and maintenance

Forget about billing, hosting & maintenance and focus only on creating a great relationship with your customer by offering great client support.

Visual #Collaboration

Enhance Collaborative Efficiency
through Visual Communication

Efficient creative collaboration hinges on effective visual communication. Rather than relying on cumbersome email exchanges, consolidate your workflow into a single, centralized hub. This allows stakeholders to seamlessly offer feedback on creative assets with precision, eliminating the need for extensive follow-ups or clarification.

Streamline Communication Channels

Optimize your workflow by moving away from the limitations of traditional email correspondence. Centralizing all communication within a unified platform fosters organizational clarity and productivity.

Empower Precise Feedback Mechanisms

Enable clients and collaborators to identify and comment on specific elements of interest, facilitating swift and targeted revisions. This approach expedites decision-making processes and enhances project outcomes.

Real-Time Engagement and Support

Engage with team members and clients in real time, providing immediate support and guidance as needed. By nurturing collaborative synergy, projects can be completed efficiently, saving time and resources.

Visual #Collaboration

Centralized Management

Add a new client and start edit the website in just a few minutes. No more creating new hosting accounts, install new WordPress instances, themes and plugins. Save hours and start adding the client's content and go live by adding your client custom domain.

A single dashboard for client websites.

Create custom memberships per client, with specific templates and plugins, disk space and custom domains, posts and user types limits.

Starter Templates

Create specific eCommerce, eLearning or portfolio Starter Templates and clone them for any new customer. Add a custom domain and go live when the editing process is done.

Billing and Support Agents

Each membership can have its own payment options available (package, monthly, yearly). Add products and services and let your clients pay when they need them. Add support agents for each client.

Effortless Updates

Automatic management of customer subsites, including templates, billing, and account settings.

Starter templates

Create and manage multiple websites from one central screen without having to install each website from scratch.

Import & export your client's websites

You can easily import your existing clients websites and export each site when the client needs a custom hosting solution.

Exceptional Support:

Count on our dedicated support team to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have a question, need technical assistance, or want advice on best practices, we're here to help.

Starter Templates

We'll create custom starter templates for all your projects. We'll guide you in finding the best themes and plugins for your niche.

Updates, testing & back-up

Your custom websites will work as they are expected only when mainteinad properly. We create a staging platform where we test all updates before pushing the changes on the live domain.

White label solution

Impress your clients with branded reports and dashboards. We'll customize the look and feel to match your agency's branding, reinforcing your professionalism and expertise.

Custom packages

We'll create unlimited tiers packages, with custom plugins and themes for each of them. Set up quotas for disk space, custom post types and even site visits.

Send Global Messages and Emails

Send admin messages and emails to sites and users of the network directly from the admin interface. You have total control over their subject, their content, and even their HTML markup.

Security at its Best:

Rest easy knowing that your client websites are protected by robust security measures. From malware scans to regular backups, we've got you covered, ensuring the safety and integrity of your clients' online presence.

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